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    The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers

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Meet Amy

When my father was in hospice, my sisters and I were asking him questions like, “Who’s the president?” and “What year is it?” Then I asked him what I did for a living. He said, “You’re a wife and mother first. Then you do whatever else that comes along that interests you.”


I don’t remember if he got the president or year right, but he was right about me. He didn’t say psychology professor or television writer or author. He only saw me as first defined by my relationships and then by my passions. So when people ask me what I do for a living, I give them my father’s answer.

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Amy speaks to varied audiences at churches, seminaries, educational conferences, writing workshops, and grief groups. Topics include Mister Rogers and his theology of neighbor, overcoming grief, creativity and the creative process, and writing. To book Amy for a conference or event, please send your request here. Appearances, Events, and Interviews Friends & Neighbors with Benjamin



What Readers are Saying...


Thomas Moore

"So sensitive, intelligent, and gutsy."


Tim Madigan

"A raw, honest, elegantly written, often funny and most of all, courageous treatise on the human heart."


Daniel H. Pink

"Amy brings her uniquely lyrical style to the subject. Personal, practical, and poetic."