Meet Amy


Amy Hollingsworth is the author of five books, including the bestselling The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers and the newly released Runaway Radical, coauthored by her son Jonathan.

Before writing books, Amy wrote for various magazines and was a television writer for eight years for CBN. In 2010, she was named one of USA Today’s Top 100 People for her influence on pop culture and was featured in the documentary by MTV’s Benjamin Wagner titled “Mister Rogers & Me.”  Her television appearances include WGN’s Morning NewsPBS’s A Word on Words, and FOX Morning News.

A former psychology professor, Amy lives in Virginia with her husband and children.

“You know what I think your gift is, Amy? You invite a person into a sacred space. That’s your gift. A person is safe with you. You allow a person a resting place in your heart where they can express both their bigness and their smallness.”

~Dr. Alvin Jones, radio host